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PROTESTRA orchestra concert Muslim Ban Protest


PROTESTRA (protest + orchestra) bridges the divide between advocacy and classical music through grassroots orchestral benefit concerts.

Our new vision for classical music prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and accessibility.

PROTESTRA orchestra concert Muslim Ban Protest


First assembled in 2017 and formally incorporated in 2020, PROTESTRA is a volunteer-run orchestra and 501(c)(3) organization. PROTESTRA’s grassroots orchestral benefit concerts inspire activism by contextualizing classical music performance through multimedia education, and turn voluntary audience donations into targeted support for mission- and policy-driven groups related to the concerts’ themes. PROTESTRA prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and accessibility in both its hiring and programming practices. Additionally, PROTESTRA maintains a robust social media presence, creating and sharing original content and resources with 8,000+ followers across multiple platforms.



Music in Action:
A Concert for Aid

PROTESTRA is heartbroken by the suffering and staggering loss of life we continue to see in Gaza. As the devastating events of October 7 once again positioned a global microscope over Israel and Palestine, we have been horrified by the unnecessary violence that has occurred over not just the last few months, but several decades.

On June 29, PROTESTRA will hold Music in Action: A Concert for Aid, a benefit concert to support organizations providing emergency relief to those affected in Gaza. We hope that through the power of art and collective music-making, we can come together as a community and recognize our shared humanity.

As an organization, we are dedicated to presenting this concert with PROTESTRA’s core values of anti-discrimination and human rights at the forefront. If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ page.

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