PROTESTRA orchestra concert Muslim Ban Protest


PROTESTRA orchestra concert Muslim Ban Protest



We are PROTESTRA, a coalition of activist musicians ready and willing to use our art to speak out against injustice and speak truth to power. We consider it our responsibility as artists to use music to expand social consciousness and raise awareness about the pressing societal issues that affect us all, but especially the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. We do so by:


  • Holding benefit concerts and raising money for like-minded charities and organizations that are equally committed to the fight for social justice.

  • Programming repertoire from a wide variety of composers as to reflect the diversity of the human race.

  • Sharing resources and inviting knowledgeable guest speakers in order to provide our audiences with an experience that is both musical and educational.

  • Being active members of our communities, whether that means donating our time and money to causes we believe in, performing community service, or joining a protest march. 

We believe that music and advocacy can be one and the same.


We believe that if you have a platform to affect change, you should use it.


We believe that taking a stand should be the standard.



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