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​Help support PROTESTRA as we bridge the divide between activism and classical music. We are steadfast in our commitment to building a community of artists who care deeply about the societal issues that affect our daily lives. We are highly motivated to generate positive change in our industry and create a space that is more reflective of our communities for subsequent generations of musicians and music lovers.

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  • Quarter Note Sponsor ($50+)
  • ​Half Note Sponsor ($100+)​
  • Whole Note Sponsor ($250+)​
  • Arpeggio Sponsor ($500+)​
  • Sonata Sponsor ($1,000+)​
  • Soloist Sponsor ($2,500+)​
  • Quartet Sponsor ($5,000+)​
  • Symphony Sponsor ($10,000+)​

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We would be happy to discuss arranging a sustaining sponsorship, a one-time donation, in-kind donations of goods and services, and any other types of donations.


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In keeping with IRS regulations, the fair-market value of certain sponsorship benefits and privileges may reduce the overall tax-deductibility of your gifts. The value of these benefits will be noted in PROTESTRA’s acknowledgment of your gift. Tax-deductibility will be assessed based on your actual gift.