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Become a PROTESTRA Monthly Member today and support PROTESTRA's issue-centered classical music concerts all year long!

What donation amount is required to become a member?

To become a PROTESTRA Monthly Member, your monthly donation = your age in dollars.


What does it mean to be a PROTESTRA Monthly Member?

Since we are a completely grassroots funded orchestra, you will be a direct contributor to bringing our concerts to life! Your sustaining donations will help us plan concerts further in advance so we can address a wider variety of social issues and make an even greater impact in our community.

Are there additional benefits to becoming a member?
Your membership comes with several perks! The benefits of a PROTESTRA Monthly Membership include:

  • Two (2) free tickets to each concert

  • A guided listening seminar before each concert with PROTESTRA Founder and Music Director Michelle Rofrano

  • Early access to concert recordings for our non-local members

  • Invitations to attend our orchestra dress rehearsals and PROTESTRA musician sight-reading parties

  • An annual birthday mailer

Become a member today and support PROTESTRA's issue-centered classical music concerts!

Every dollar donated will go directly towards holding issue-centered benefit concerts, paying our performers, supporting company growth, and running a successful startup nonprofit. We believe today’s orchestras can and should be grassroots operations that serve and are supported by their community. We intend for PROTESTRA to be an orchestra for the 21st century, an orchestra by the people and for the people. Whether you have $1 or $1,000, PROTESTRA strives to represent everyone—from the composers we program and the artists we collaborate with, to the issues we advocate for and the audiences we serve. We hope you'll consider financially supporting our young organization and in doing so, uplifting diverse artistic voices, advocating for important causes, and creating a more equitable future for classical music.

We would be happy to discuss arranging a sustaining sponsorship, a one-time donation, in-kind donations of goods and services, and any other types of donations.


Please contact to discuss these arrangements.

Thank you for your consideration—your support is instrumental! 🎻

In keeping with IRS regulations, the fair-market value of certain sponsorship benefits and privileges may reduce the overall tax-deductibility of your gifts. The value of these benefits will be noted in PROTESTRA’s acknowledgment of your gift. Tax-deductibility will be assessed based on your actual gift.

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