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Get To Know-TESTRA:
Q&A with Jacqueline Coston & Michelle Rofrano

April 6, 2022 at 7:00pm

Protestra AMA IG.png


In our very first installment of Get to Know-TESTRA, panelists Michelle Rofrano, PROTESTRA Co-founder and Artistic Director and Jacqueline Coston, PROTESTRA Organizer, answered questions from our community. This event was moderated by Linnea Marchie, PROTESTRA Co-Director of Development.

The panel addressed questions like: How can classical music be a platform for justice? How do we combine our passions for music and activism? And what can we do to address the problems that musicians face within our own musical communities?

With these big questions that we have been tackling since our inception, we shared more about our mission and vision, got to know our growing community, and answered pressing questions about how to use music for good.

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