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Music is an exercise in emotional nuance and empathy. The study of art and music is an exercise in critical thinking, self-awareness, and imaginative problem-solving.

We continue to reflect upon the stark divides that exist in our nation. We believe musicians have a unique skill set that could help America begin to heal these rifts.

Art and music mold people into better humans, and we especially believe—and science shows—that introducing children to music from a young age can radically transform their lives and world views.

Throughout history, artists have always been at the forefront of social movements. Our creations give a voice to the marginalized, criticize the powerful, and imagine the world as it might be one day.

Lasting change must begin with the next generation. Imagine the world we might create if we raise that generation to think more like artists.🌎 🎶

These tips compiled by PROTESTRA organizers Jamie Lee and Jacqueline Coston for parents who wish to help their children to engage more deeply with music. We hope this list will be a helpful starting point for parents who might not be familiar with the music community, or who could simply use some new ideas to inspire their children!

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